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Graphic 设计: B.F.A. & B.A.

Learn to take ideas and transform them into a powerful vision. In a culture that emphasizes 视觉信息,平面设计师的需求很高,无论是设计杂志, websites, brand identities, or even packaging. Ouachita’s distinct approach to graphic 设计意味着学生准备好在快节奏和多样化的职业环境中茁壮成长 where what we see shapes impressions, identities and messages. Ouachita is ranked in the top quarter of Niche.com’s “Best Colleges for 设计” in the nation, so you 你能自信地说,你毕业后会掌握掌握无形概念的技能吗 and breathe life into them.

Branding and Identity 设计er

Editorial 设计er for Publications

Web 设计er

In-House 设计er for Corporations

Production 设计er for Printing Companies


  • Typography

    Branding and Packaging 设计

    User Experience and Interface 设计

    Interaction and Screen 设计

    Photography in Artistic Practices I


这个灵活的学位课程允许您选择课程,以满足您的兴趣和 the needs of your future career path. 两个B.F.A. 和B.A. degree options as well as a 小 are available for this field of study. 查看详细的学位要求PDF,以查看该计划中包括的所有课程.


Learn more about the School of Fine ArtsRosemary Adams Department of Art & 设计.



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24 Hour Access to Mac Lab & Studio Space



Course Options



Job Placement Rate

Degree Options: B.F.A., B.A. 或小

A B.F.A. 在平面设计是一个顶级学位的学生谁打算追求职业生涯 as a professional designer. It provides specialized training with courses covering 主题如品牌,排版,用户体验和网页设计,具有很强的重点 on developing technical and problem-solving skills.

B.A. 学位选择是为那些想要将平面设计与第二专业配对的学生准备的 or a 小 in another discipline. 的 degree provides a well-rounded selection of 艺术和设计课程,同时允许更多其他领域的课程. 受欢迎的 second majors include communications & media, Christian studies or business administration.

A  平面设计也适用于那些专注于设计职业的人 识字会很有帮助——或者为你的兴趣提供一些基础知识 in design or multimedia.

In their words

hear from a faculty member & 学生

“乐博体育app的艺术与设计系不仅是一个给我机会的地方 成功不过是一个每天鼓励我发展我的技能的地方 that I would be successful no matter where I ended up. My professors were so good 告诉我该做什么,怎么做,更重要的是,告诉我背后的原因 as to why certain solutions are successful.”

Shelton WooleyShelton Wooley

2018 graphic design graduate and creative director

Graphic 设计 Professor Teaching

Professors who underst和 demands of a creative career

由于学生与教师的比例较低,你的教授将不仅仅是老师 -他们将成为你的导师和艺术指导,与你密切合作,帮助你发展 as a visual problem solver. 的ir diverse skillsets and expertise are integrated into each of your courses. 他们理解你作为创意专业人士将面临的需求, 和y’re committed to preparing you for success.

Graphic 设计

Build a skillset that gives you a professional edge

平面设计师在印刷和数字媒体工作,这是越来越必要的 to do both. 乐博体育app的课程不仅包括扎实的实践基础课程 创造性的技术,以及对不断发展的领域至关重要的技能 courses in user experience, data visualization and more. Paired with Ouachita’s Christ-centered, 文科的方法,你会在这个需求旺盛的行业脱颖而出.

Art Guest Speaker

Expand your network with access to experienced artists

At Ouachita, we don’t think it’s enough just to read about great artists; you need to meet them – and maybe chat over coffee too! You’ll have opportunities like our trip to the annual DSVC National Student Show; on-campus exhibits featuring professional designers and artists; and an alumni network reaching from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to Warner Brothers Animation Studios and beyond.


研究生 with

a portfolio to impress

每个品牌,企业,非营利组织,部门和教育组织都依赖于 the services of graphic designers to communicate their ideas. To land that first job, your portfolio is key; we get that and work hard to help you create one that has a powerful impact. 从你的平面设计教育的开始,你将有 在Mac实验室里教授课程,配备专业软件,全天候访问 to workspaces and technology to execute your vision. You’ll have the opportunity to tailor your elective art courses to your passions and professional goals; complete 实习和其他实践机会来磨练你的技能在校园和 off; and present a capstone senior exhibit showcasing your best work. Whatever direction 你的视野需要你,乐博体育app的平面设计学位将使你了解 你的观众和设计一个视觉信息,沟通直接,有力和 effectively.

School of Fine Arts

的 School of Fine Arts 致力于为您提供一流设施的卓越体验 with cutting-edge instruments and equipment. We strive for a balance between a Christian 教育和专业教育通过具有挑战性的创造力的氛围 and collaboration. 乐博体育app致力于促进批判性思维和创造性 通过开发和维护课程和表现来处理和表达个人 programming which emphasizes the creative process.


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